Tower Bridge Hotel

  • London-Brick-Multi-And-White-In-Restaurant-Of-Hotel-Near-Tower-Bridge-London (1)
  • Strata Black Stone Panels - London Restaurant
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-White-In-Restaurant-Of-Hotel-Near-Tower-Bridge-London (7)
  • London-Brick-Multi-In-Restaurant-Of-Hotel-Near-Tower-Bridge-London (2)
  • Strata-Black-In-Restaurant-Of-Hotel-Near-Tower-Bridge-London (3)
  • Strata-Black-In-Restaurant-Of-Hotel-Near-Tower-Bridge-London (1)
  • Brick Effect Panels | London Brick Multi & White
From the Vtec texture wall panel range, London Brick Multi and White Brick Wall Panels in a hotel restaurant near Tower Bridge, London vtec

London Tower Bridge Hotel is a 4-star hotel ideally located in Central London, close to both the iconic Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

The refurbishment of the restaurant and bar area in the hotel required a fast-track solution to minimise lost trade. Quick-installation was imperative so Vtec’s London Brick Multi, London Brick White and Strata Black FR Grade Panels were used extensively. The finished project looked fantastic with the beautiful texture created, and the panels went up rapidly to meet the tight timescale.


Product Used: London Brick Multi; London Brick White;Strata Black FR Grade Panels


  • Quick to Install = Reduced Restaurant Down-Time to fit into tight timescales
  • Fire Resistant Panels = Complied with Hotel Buidling Regulations
  • Consistent Factory Pre-Finished Design = Ensured the design flowed through the hotel

Due to its high-profile location, Vtec’s Operations Team liaised extensively with both the customer, contractors and transport company to ensure the panels were delivered when and where they needed them.  


Tapas Bar, Blackfriars

Camino is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant & Bar in Blackfriars. It's here that our London Brick Multi was installed on the curved ceiling of this restaurant creating a fantastic feature.

BBFC, Soho Square

The British Board of Film Classification has classified films since 1912, and used our London Brick Panels in their Soho office to create a beautiful and inspiring space to work.

Covent Garden Pâtisserie

Covent Garden is a great place to visit when you are in London, and when stopping to eat you want to enjoy the surroundings. This was ensured by using our London Brick White Panels on walls and columns in the restaurant.