Tapas Bar, Blackfriars

  • Vtec London_Brick_Multi_Texture Panels On_Curved_Ceiling_For_Bar_In_London-(4)
  • Vtec London_Brick_Multi_Texture Panels On_Curved_Ceiling_For_Bar_In_London-(2)
  • Vtec London_Brick_Multi_Texture Panels On_Curved_Ceiling_For_Bar_In_London-(5)
  • Vtec London_Brick_Multi_Texture Panels On_Curved_Ceiling_For_Bar_In_London-(3)
  • Vtec London_Brick_Multi_Texture Panels On_Curved_Ceiling_For_Bar_In_London-(1)

Camino is a Spanish Tapas Restaurant & Bar in Blackfriars, inspired by a life-changing road trip in the summer of 1984.

It was here that our London Brick Multi was installed on the curved ceiling of this restaurant creating a fantastic feature reminiscent of a Spanish wine vault.

These unique panels meant the contractor was able to achieve the brick feature on the ceiling not achievable with real bricks.


Product Used: London Brick Multi Panels


  • Flexible & lightweight panel system = the panels were able to be flexed to the shape of the ceiling to create the brick feature required
  • Simple, rapid installation with concealed joints = the panels were able to be installed in the tight timescales not achievable with real bricks
  • No Hassle = no mortar mixing or wet trades

Vtec Group’s Technical team worked with the installers, carrying out testing at production stages to ensure the panels would flex to the radius required. With the Technical team only a call away if needed, this install went smoothly.


BBFC, Soho Square

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Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Station

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