Stunning Ceilings at Treehouse Hotel, London

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Room at the Treehouse Hotel London - Rough Concrete Ceiling vtec

Our Texture Panels were specified in the room designs for the first flagship Treehouse Hotel in the Marylebone neighbourhood of London.

The Treehouse Hotel brand, part of an international hotel group, was founded on the ideas that inspire a child to build a treehouse. Barry Sternlight, Founder and CEO of SH Hotels and Resorts, says Treehouse Hotel is “a special place that feels more “home” than “hotel”…cosy, welcoming, warm, and somehow familiar…an oasis after a long day that at once refreshes, inspires, and delights.”

The fantastic designs centred on the theme of natural finishes, woods and concretes to create welcoming and colourful rooms that encapsulate the Treehouse brand. All Treehouse rooms are perched high in the city skyline and feature big bay windows that look out to some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Adventure, independence, informal spaces and repurposing of crafty things are what make a place warm and special. Treehouse Hotel celebrates found objects, nostalgic tunes, handmade details and locally sourced treats.

The existing concrete slab didn’t have a high quality finish, so Vtec’s rough concrete panels were included as part of the design as they are light which enables them to be used to create stunning ceilings. Part of Vtec’s Texture Range (timber, brick, stone and concrete), the panels are lightweight, durable and produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features. The panels can be used on walls, ceilings and curves with ease, providing a cost-effective solution with a great quality, natural finish that could easily be replicated across the hotel and installed quickly.

Following sign-off of a trial room, Vtec’s Rough Concrete Horizontal panels in Light Grey, fire resistant grade were installed in all 95 hotel bedrooms.

The team at Vtec worked closely with the contractor every step of the way throughout this phased project to help them deliver this stunning project.


Product Used: Rough Concrete Horizontal panels in Light Grey, fire resistant grade.