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  • Canyon Stone Panels - Party Caves
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Canyon stone wall panels in party caves for a safari park vtec

Home to over 1000 animals and one of the favourite UK destination for families with young children, this Safari Park attracts nearly half a million visitors a year. When the management decided to expand their activities to cater for functions and children’s birthday parties, they knew that the cafe area would need to replicate the magic atmosphere of the main grounds to give the visitors a party to remember.

Continuing the theme of the animal kingdom and wilderness, the client proposed to turn the existing open space into exciting prehistoric caves. To achieve this amazing transformation, they chose to use Canyon panels. These were ideal for use because of their ability to be conformed to the curved and angled walls and the curved and vaulted ceilings.

Whilst irregular shapes and awkward openings of this design would prove to be extremely challenging if not impossible for many other materials, the flexibility and adaptability of our Texture panels enabled the installers to create a seamless Canyon finish across the many planes and curves of this intriguing space in minimal time.


Product Used: Canyon Stone Panels


  • Lightweight, adaptable and flexible, Canyon panels proved to be an ideal material for this unusual design;
  • Robust and durable our Canyon panels are great for areas with high footfall;
  • Moulded from an original stone wall, the panels create an authentic atmosphere

Since this transformation, the Park has hosted many birthday parties and enjoyed great feedback from the customers, commenting on the excellent setup of the party caves.

The durability of the panels and almost total absence of maintenance has enabled myriads of visitors to enjoy their birthday parties in this quirky environment for many years to come.

Stone panels from our Vtec’s Texture range offer a great combination of authentic looks, adaptability and ease of installation. Call our expert team to discuss your requirements 03307 00 00 30.


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