Spec-tacular interior for an independent opticians store

  • Vtec Rough Concrete Texture Wall Panels in Optician Store
  • Vtec Rough Concrete Texture Wall Panels in Optician Store 3
  • Vtec Rough Concrete Texture Wall Panels in Optician Store 2
  • Vtec Rough Concrete Texture Wall Panels in Optician Store 1

This independent eyewear store in the West Midlands prides itself on providing bespoke care for every single customer. To maintain their autonomy and to differentiate themselves from bigger chain retailers, they source an exclusive range of products and, with the help of Vtec’s Rough Concrete Panels, have formed a unique and quirky interior that reflects their company’s philosophy.

The rough texture of the panels creates a fantastic backdrop for light and delicate spectacle frames. Complemented by simple industrial shelving units and clever lighting system, the finished interior is tasteful and not overly busy, allowing the glasses to take centre stage.


Product Used: Rough Concrete Panels from Texture Range


  • Vtec Rough Concrete panels created a noticeable and memorable interior, helping this independent store to stand out among the multitude of high street retailers;
  • Thin profile of the panels allows them to be fitted in the smaller areas without reducing valuable floor space;
  • Easy installation technique contributes to shorter refurbishment timeframe, minimising closure time and therefore ensuring quicker return on investment.

Vtec’s rough concrete panels are produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features and contain in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals, allowing you achieve authentic looks avoiding time-consuming and messy wet render alternatives.

Vtec concrete panels are part of the Texture Range wall finishes that create memorable and characterful interiors with minimal effort. For more details on the Concrete Panels, download the brochure, or contact our expert team to discuss your requirements.


Hollywood themed Bowling Centre

Vtec's Rough Concrete Texture Wall Panels were used to accentuate walls in this newly opened Hollywood themed bowling centre.
Highly characterful and robust they create an instant visual impact in the areas and are perfect for applications with limited access for future maintenance.

Thriving Health Deli

The design of this thriving London Deli included Vtec Texture panels, which helped to create a rustic atmosphere that reflects the company ethos.
Lightweight and adaptable, they were easily installed around the corners, beams and other irregular shapes, blending perfectly with the existing surfaces.

Office designed for sensory appeal

Multiple products from Vtec Texture Range have been used in this Sheffield Office to create a playful atmosphere with employees mood and happiness being given as much consideration as the functionality of the space.