Namaste Lounge

  • Supaslat-Panels-Finished-In-Walnut-For-North-London-Restaurant-Ceiling (1)
  • MaxiBeams-Finished-In-Walnut-For-Feature-Ceiling-In-North London-Bar (3)
  • MaxiBeams-Finished-In-Walnut-For-Feature-Ceiling-In-North London-Bar (3)
  • MaxiBeams-Finished-In-Walnut-For-Feature-Ceiling-In-North London-Bar (3)

Rich in history, Namaste Lounge was formally known as the Northwood Hills Pub. It was here that many iconic musicians started their career, and the pub’s stage was home to lively music Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

The pub has since been transformed in to a modern Indian restaurant, cocktail bar and Shisha lounge which Vtec Group’s MAXIBEAMS and Bespoke Supaslat in a Supalami Finish helped to create the look and feature that they wanted.


Product Used: MAXIBEAMS and Bespoke Supaslat in a Supalami Finish    


  • Design flexibility = Vtec was able to work with the designers to make sure that the visual effects that they desired were achieved
  • Integrated lighting = Beams were designed to allow the use of lights to create a spectacular effect on the wall and ceiling.
  • Specific Sizing requirements = due to the ceiling design, the Supaslat ceiling was made to bespoke slat size, spacing and finish

Vtec worked to produce and ship the products in the client’s tight timescales making sure the beams and slats were on site in time for the contractors. With Vtec Group’s Technical Team on standby if needed, the install went like a dream!


Jellyfish, The Shard

MAXIBEAMS- Lightweight Feature Ceiling Beams were used in a very creative design to define an office on the 22nd Floor of the Shard, including the Reception, and the Bar overlooking the famous city skyline.

Kingston University Teaching Spaces

Kingston University London is a public research university. It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used to improve the acoustics and control unwanted reverberation.

Relaxing Oasis in the middle of the workspace

Clever use of our MAXIBEAMS allowed the design team to create a distinctive space that doesn’t feel isolated. Seamlessly flowing from floor to ceiling this elegant yet functional screen forms a relaxing space in the middle of high traffic zone.