A perfect match

  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -4
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -8
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -12
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -11
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -7
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -6
  • Boardroom Cork and Moss -5

You know you’ve picked a perfect pair when it ticks so many boxes!

This company needed to update a busy meeting room to improve the experience of users as part of their property upgrade without wishing to spend a fortune.
The client stipulated that it needed to solve various issues – poor acoustics, a lack of visual appeal, and low natural light. In addition to meeting these criteria, the room was in frequent use, so it required a system that was both speed and simplicity of installation. Although small, changing this wall has revitalised an otherwise ordinary space to become something special.


Product Used: Arctic Moss in popular May Green colour
Raw bark/strong> from Vtec Cork range


  • Beautiful, natural looks made a huge improvement, transforming the space from Ordinary to Extraordinary;
  • Natural Biophilic materials create a lovely refreshing feel in the room;
  • Absorption of reverberated sound - the client reported an immediate improvement in aural comfort and clarity

Our tiles were installed quickly using a heavy-duty double-sided tape with no work needed on the existing walls, enabling this entire wall to be completed between meetings.


Office fit-out for a dynamic software company

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