Relaxing Oasis in the middle of the workspace

  • MaxiBeam Vertical Screen - Commercial Office
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-10
  • MaxiBeam Vertical Screen - Commercial Office
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-8
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-7
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-6
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-5
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-4
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-3
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-2
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area-1
  • Maxibeam Office Breakout Area
Vertical screen beams for zoning a breakout space, in a commercial office vtec

Good interior design is all about details, and quite often these details become the stars of the show, irrespective of how big or small they are.
And that’s why we loved this compact and imaginative project, involving our MAXIBEAM system.
Clever use of the beams allowed the design team to create a distinctive space that doesn’t feel isolated. Seamlessly flowing from floor to ceiling this elegant yet functional screen forms a relaxing space in the middle of high traffic zone.

Lightweight and manufactured with extreme precision, MAXIBEAM system allows installers to save handling and installation cost and eliminates any unexpected bowing that can occur with real wood – at approximately half the weight too.
Simple batten lights integrated into the scheme suddenly look sleek and sophisticated, enhancing the atmosphere.
The screen was assembled with the help of “click-fix” method, following the exact fitting instructions and drawing package, provided by us.


Product Used: MAXIBEAM in Supalami Finish


  • MAXIBEAMS system is designed to be installed without expensive and heavy substructures;
  • Our products are supplied with the appropriate fixing system and detailed fitting instructions;
  • Time we spent at the planning and drawing stage, took the pain off the installation onsite;
  • Our concealed fixing system allowed to create the lightweight, seamless look that's difficult to achieve with other types of beams of similar size.

“The Maxibeam system was quick and easy to install and creates an instant visual impact which impresses at first sight. [I] only had positive comments from [both] installers [and] clients”

Manager at the Design & Build Company

Slatted Timber Raft at Hanover Communications

By breaking up the zones with our Supaslat 5 feature ceiling, with a stained Redwood finish, the relaxing and collaborative atmosphere of a break out area was enhanced greatly.

Major UK University

The reception area of a major UK university was graced unique feature ceiling, echoing a bespoke curved reception desk.

Jellyfish, The Shard

MAXIBEAMS- Lightweight Feature Ceiling Beams were used in a very creative design to define an office on the 22nd Floor of the Shard, including the Reception, and the Bar overlooking the famous city skyline.