Multifunctional space in a luxurious Country Hotel

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This luxurious hotel on the edge of the Cotswolds has recently added a new event and meeting space to its already extensive service facilities. The newest and the biggest of their meeting rooms, it accommodates up to 300 people and benefits from floor to ceiling windows with the commanding views over the rolling green fields.
It’s an attractive and airy space, which can be divided into 3 smaller rooms by means of a clever partitioning system. To allow for such flexibility, the ceiling was designed as 3 separate recessed sections which incorporated Vtec Supaslat -1 panels.
Manufactured to precise specifications, the modules fitted easily around the recesses and accommodated the integrated sound system, lights, and other services.
The graceful slim design of Supaslat-1 modules in Steamed Beech finished in white lacquer help to create an interior that is modern and sophisticated without being too ostentatious. Impressive crystal chandeliers and changeable LED light elevated the design to another level and helped to set the mood.
Additional acoustic backing improves control of reverberated sound within the space also assisting in the reduction of potential disturbance for the hotel guests.


Product Used: Supaslat -1 in Steamed Beech, finished in white laquer


  • The graceful design and finish of Supaslat modules has kept suited the light and airy ambience
  • Supaslat modules helped to create a versatile space that can be used for business and private parties.
  • Addition of acoustic backing helped to maintain comfortable sound levels inside and outside of the room.
  • Our unique Lift & Shift system ensured rapid installation from underneath the ceiling grid and provided easy ongoing access to the ceiling void.

Supaslat modules are extremely versatile and a great option if you are looking to create a flexible, multifunctional and elegant space. For more details see our Supaslat page or browse our projects.


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