Large MaxiBeam Features in University Atrium

  • Vertical MaxiBeam in Warm Oak at UK university in atrium 1
  • Vertical MaxiBeam in Warm Oak at UK university in atrium
  • MaxiBeam warm oak vertical slat ends
  • Vertical MaxiBeam in Warm Oak at UK university view from first floor
  • MaxiBeam stairwell at UK university
  • MaxiBeam vertical slats stairwell at UK university
  • MaxiBeam stairwell lower level at UK university
  • MaxiBeam lower level at UK university
  • MaxiBeam Ceiling Warm Oak at UK university portrait
  • MaxiBeam Ceiling Warm Oak at UK university
  • MaxiBeam stairwell upper level at UK university
  • MaxiBeam warm oak vertical slats

This was a large-scale wall and ceiling project in a 3-storey atrium of a university reception. As part of the design, Vtec was specified to provide vertical MaxiBeams for the walling, including parts of the stairwell. The MaxiBeam system included lightweight feature beams from a range of 75-125mm depths in 50mm thickness, finished in Warm Oak.

The MaxiBeam system was selected because of its adaptability, which enabled it to accommodate the complex demands of the diverse elevations, with the additional technical challenge of spanning over the large windows. Different sized beams were needed to adapt to the various elevations and ensure beams maintained correct proportions. Vtec’s Technical Team calculated exactly where supports were needed for maximum strength and discreet fixing, which ensured that the MaxiBeams were visible and equally as pleasing to the eye from both sides of the glass.

Maxibeam features
Maxibeam features

These vertical beams flowed down the inner faces of the atrium and wrapped under the soffit. The MaxiBeam system with its lightweight feature beams had been designed to incorporate black acoustic backing and was fastened to a unique support framework to disguise the void behind.

The vertical MaxiBeams in the stairwell were designed and detailed in the same way for individual shaping of the beams, and provided an excellent quality finish.

Large Wall with Maxibeam features
Large Wall with Maxibeam features

The ceiling area above the food counter on the lower level included a range of access and service integration requirements around air conditioning units and lighting, which the MaxiBeam system can easily accommodate. Similarly, all our timber slatted ceiling systems are designed to integrate perfectly with lighting and services and can ensure easy access to mechanical and electrical services.

The discreet Click-Fix installation method ensured the lightweight feature beams could be simply removed individually, as required. With fine tolerances on all beams, the fact each beam was supplied fully finished to precise dimensions alongside very detailed instructions meant installation ran smoothly.

Maxibeam features
Maxibeam features


Product Used: MaxiBeam at 75-125mm(h) x 50mm(t) finished in Warm Oak


  • Large-scale project with varied elevations requiring many different beam sizes
  • Technical challenges around windows to ensure beam aesthetics and appropriate support
  • No on-site cutting or finishing, saving time, waste and mess
  • Easy access to lighting and services

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