Kingston University Teaching Spaces

  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-6
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-9
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-1
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-2
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-10
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-8
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-5
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-7
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-8
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-3
  • Vtec supacoustic panels_in_birch_fr_supalami_for_ceiling_of_kingston_university_teaching_labs-7

Kingston University London is a public research university located in Kingston upon Thames, London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1899, and became a university in 1992 after being Kingston Polytechnic.

It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used on the ceiling of the new teaching spaces to improve the acoustics and control unwanted reverberation.



Product Used: Supacoustic Custom Panels in Supalami Finish


  • Bespoke Feature and Sizing = Vtec’s Technical Team worked extensively with the Architect to ensure the ceiling worked with the lighting and other services
  • Fire Rating & Acoustic Performance = The panels easily meet the stringent Fire Rating & Acoustic specifications set
  • Proven Acoustic values = being in teaching areas this was a ‘must’ to keep reverb and background noise to a minimum

To work with the install teams and schedule of works, Vtec produced and shipped the panels in time for the summer break so these could be fitted out of term time.

With Vtec Group’s in-house Technical Team to support over the phone if needed, the install went smoothly, getting the ceilings complete in time for the new school term.


York University Lecture Theatre

Established in 1963, the York University has grown increasingly, and is now covering a wide range of subjects. Our Supaslat 4 has been used on the ceiling of the lecture theatre.

London St Pancras Hotel

The St. Pancras Hotel provides a five-star backdrop for a stay in London. It was here that our Supacoustic Custom in Supasurface Gloss White was used in multiple meeting rooms.

Connah's Quay Education Hub

Connah’s Quay was part of a new development by Coleg Cambria which offered state-of-art facilities for students. It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used on the walls.