Kent&Curwen flagship store

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This quintessentially British brand has a century-long history with strong associations with some of the most notable names in the UK, and now their partnership with an internationally recognised sportsman has reinforced what the brand has always stood for.

Kent & Curwen’s have reimagined their British classics to create a curated wardrobe for the modern man, which is presented in their first flagship store in London. It was imperative that the interior reflects the brand values, and the creative team of Kent & Curwen wanted to have a “space that feels traditional yet modern, luxurious yet grounded” to match “the product which follows the same ethos.”

To achieve the desired result, the designers chose our London Brick White Panels from Texture Range, which for them ticked all the boxes from quality to aesthetics.

Combined with fixtures in metal and distressed timber, white textured walls created an ideal backdrop for showcasing the collection without being too overpowering, helping to achieve the desired traditional look with a modern twist.

How did our panels help this project:

  • The panels reflected perfectly the company ethos, representing quality and tradition
  • Large panel size and ease of installation meant that the project could be accomplished with considerable labour cost and downtime savings
  • Highly durable, the panels are great for application in high footfall areas, withstanding wear and tear

Our London Brick Panels are very versatile and have been used in many diverse locations helping to create characterful atmosphere. To obtain a comprehensive quote, call our expert team on 03307 00 00 30


Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Station

The Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Place! It was here the designers called for a brick look that would work perfectly with sign-writing. Our London Brick White and Multi were chosen.


Vtec London Brick Panels in Aged Red provided a stunning solution for a break-out/reception area in this London office. Introducing bold texture helped to signal different use of the zone and create a less formal atmosphere.

Tower Bridge Hotel

London Tower Bridge Hotel is ideally located in Central London, close to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Our Brick and Stata panels were used extensively in the refurb.