Hammersmith Offices


We recently completed an exciting project for a workplace break-out area, in which Maxibeam was used to add to the interesting and inspiring feel of the space. The beams were spray-painted in a specific red finish to match the client’s corporate colours, resulting in a dramatic feature which gives this informal space a great focal point.


The lightweight Maxibeam system allows you to create a stunning ceiling feature, without the hassle of trying to incorporate expensive and complex structures. Coupled with the flexibility of bespoke sizing and finishes, these feature beams provide unparalleled creative scope and the ability to tailor it to your brand as you can see in this project. It is also effective for signalling when a new ‘zone’ has begun in the workplace, in this case a zone for relaxing and refueling.



Product Used: 380 mm deep Maxibeams supplied in modular units for easy installation Colour: Bespoke colour reference to match corporate colour

How did Maxibeam help the project?

  • Modular system for rapid installation
  • Bespoke spray-applied finish to suit the clients corporate colour
  • Fully finished to avoid on-site cutting and finishing
  • Concealed fixings

The contractors did a fantastic job of installing the system, which was made of preformed units to suit the precise requirements that would enable it to fit into the recess for the tea point in the break-out area. Yet another success for Maxibeam!




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