Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Station

  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (9)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (5)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (7)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-In-Victoria-Station (6)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (8)
  • London Brick White & Logo
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (2)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (1)
  • London-Brick-Multi-And-London-Brick-White-For-Pizza-House-In-Victoria-Station (3)
London Brick with painted logo vtec

Are you near Victoria Station? If you are looking for some fresh pizzas try The Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Place!

It was at this Pizza restaurant the interior designers called for a brick look that would work perfectly with sign-writing. Our London Brick Multi London Brick Multi Panels and London Brick White London Brick White Panels were chosen as they both met these requirements and were perfect for encouraging dwell time and footfall.


Product Used: London Brick White and Multi Panels


  • Available in standard and FR Grades = due to the location at the station, FR grade panels we needed
  • Paintable finish = the panels will take both a water based or oil based paint, making it perfect for this project for adding sign writing
  • Lightweight but Durable panel system = with the panels fitted in a high footfall area, they are able to stand up to wear and tear

Due to the location, the panels were delivered to the station late at night to fit in with the overnight work. Vtec Group’s Dispatch Team organized a designated vehicle to get them to site at the time the installers needed them.


Kent&Curwen flagship store

This quintessentially British brand has chosen London Brick White panel for their new flagship store. The store design and the choice of materials had to reflect the brand ethos is all about tradition, heritage and high quality. Our London Brick Panels ticked all the boxes.

Essence Digital

Essence Digital's Oxford Street office is a fun, energetic space where we supplied 150m2 of our London Brick to be installed on the 3rd Floor of their extensive London premises.


When Archie's Burgers Shakes and Waffles wanted to upgrade their Manchester Restaurant, they chose our London Brick White and Rough Concrete Panels to meet their requirements.