Workplace that inspires Happiness

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Capitalising on the evidence from recent studies that connect employees’ happiness and increased productivity, the developers of these serviced offices set out to create “the happiest place to work in London”.
To get inspiration and insight into what makes people happy, the design team conducted a survey. Equipped with the answers, citing holiday memories, favourite childhood films or games, they have designed an outstanding space which is bound to keep you smiling.
Light and airy – the vestibule area, featuring a canopy of lush greenery is an acknowledgement of the latest biophilic trend, dominating the interior design scene. The green ceiling contrasts beautifully with a neutral palette of Vtec Rough Stone panels covering the wall behind the reception desk.
The natural theme is echoed in the nearby break-out area, where in addition to Rough Stone, the designers have used Canyon Stone panels . Beautifully wrapped around the corners and recesses, the stone panels create a secluded niche. Integrated lighting highlights the superb texture of the panels.
This nature-inspired design, combined with light wood flooring and furniture, oozes wellness and sophistication.
The calm elegance of the ground floor is contrasted with a more daring design of the other areas. Bright colours, giant bugs and other fun decorative elements bring a sense of playfulness and give a distinct style to each of the upper floors and the basement. Whilst individually themed boardrooms, such as the aquaworld room – complete with a mermaid, the spaceship or the safari park room with giraffes coming out of the walls, will encourage a brighter outlook even in the gloomiest days.


Product Used: Canyon Stone Panels
Rough Stone Panels


  • Replicating beautifully all the nuances of natural stone, our panels are perfect if you are looking to include biophilic elements into your design;
  • Large panels size ensure quick coverage of extensive areas with minimal cutting and jointing;
  • Lightweight and highly adaptable, of our Texture panels enable easy and seamless coverage of irregular shapes

Are you designing your own happy office, that is includes biophilic elements and is also creative and fun? Browse thorough our extensive product range for inspiration or call our expert team on 03307 00 00 30 to discuss your requirements.


Office designed for sensory appeal

Multiple products from Vtec Texture Range have been used in this Sheffield Office to create a playful atmosphere with employees mood and happiness being given as much consideration as the functionality of the space.

Dynamic Office for a Leading High-Tech Company

Vtec MaxiBeams has added a sense of fun and movement int this dynamic office design project for a leading high-tech company. Light wood laminate finish complements beautifully the overall feel of the design.

Executive Offices in the Centre of London

The design of these executive offices in the centre of London included our copper tiles in Verdigris 21.