Inspiring coworking space in Manchester landmark location

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  • Vtec Supacoustic Rafts Coworking space Manchester
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This impressive post-modernist building in the heart of Manchester’s business district hosts an inspiring coworking space, commissioned by one of the key international players in this booming market.
Finished to a very high standard throughout, the space incorporates the best of coworking design principles, retaining a healthy balance between open plan areas to promote interaction between the members and more secluded rooms that allow privacy when required.
Respecting the building’s architectural heritage, the design team has kept the industrial feel by leaving the services and brutalist concrete frame exposed and softening the atmosphere with the use of wood panelling and custom-built furniture in warm walnut finish.

For the mezzanine café, overlooking the grand double-height entrance, the designers specified Vtec’s Supacoustic panels in the matching walnut finish and circular perforated design that echoes the metal balustrades.
These attractive panels with acoustic backing were factory finished and assembled into raft modules before being shipped on site, ready for the installation.


Product Used: Supacoustic panels in Circle design, SL-8606-R Supalami finish with
Black acoustic backing

How did our raft of Supacoustic panels help the project?

  • The combination of modular panels used in a suspended raft allowed the design team to avoid lengthy and costly alternative of installing a suspended ceiling whilst still providing a very effective acoustic solution.
  • The wood finish was matched to the rest of the wooden elements on site, creating a consisted look.
  • The rafts allow panels easy maintenance of existing services and hassle-free future additions, e.g. lights.

Using acoustic suspended modular rafts is a simple and effective solution which significantly cuts refurbishment cost and installation time whilst still providing good acoustic performance. In addition, the rafts allow much greater flexibility in terms of working with existing services and can be adjusted for height on site to provide further flexibility when installing.
Our Supacoustic range offers unparallel creative scope with a great choice of attractive designs and almost unlimited finish options. Call our team on 03307 00 00 30 to find out more.


London St Pancras Hotel

The St. Pancras Hotel provides a five-star backdrop for a stay in London. It was here that our Supacoustic Custom in Supasurface Gloss White was used in multiple meeting rooms.


Our Supacoustic perforated panels in the newly renovated 26.000 square foot headquarters of a Leading Independent Telecoms provider.

Kingston University Teaching Spaces

Kingston University London is a public research university. It was here Vtec’s Supacoustic Panels were used to improve the acoustics and control unwanted reverberation.