Covent Garden Pâtisserie

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Covent Garden is a great place to visit when you are in London.

Our Pâtisserie clients wanted to create an attractive interior for their clientele, so the choice of wall finish was critical. London Brick White was chosen for the walls and columns, and visitors now enjoy the beauty of Brick in the new design. As this was the first shop in the chain to be refurbished, the specification had to be right. and our London Brick White panels were approved without hesitation!


Product Used: London Brick White Panels

HOW DID THIS HELP THE Covent Garden Pâtisserie PROJECT?

  • Superb natural textures and features = Consistent look and feel throughout the shop chain
  • No hassle of mortar mixing or wet trades = the panels were able to be fitted in the tight timescales and avoid extra mess on site
  • Lightweight but Durable panel system = with the panels fitted in a high footfall area, they are able to stand up to wear and tear

The install went very well and were fitted in the timescales that the contractors wanted. We look forward to working with the client, designers and contractors on the next shop upgrades!


Essence Digital

Essence Digital's Oxford Street office is a fun, energetic space where we supplied 150m2 of our London Brick to be installed on the 3rd Floor of their extensive London premises.

BBFC, Soho Square

The British Board of Film Classification has classified films since 1912, and used our London Brick Panels in their Soho office to create a beautiful and inspiring space to work.

Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Station

The Fresh Pizza Co, Victoria Place! It was here the designers called for a brick look that would work perfectly with sign-writing. Our London Brick White and Multi were chosen.