Angled Ceilings and Bespoke Design at The Shard

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  • Acoustic Ceilings - MaxiBeam and Supacoustic Ceiling System in The Shard
  • Acoustic Ceiling MaxiBeam in The Shard Office
  • MaxiBeam Ceiling System Office The Shard
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Supacoustic Ceiling System in Shard vtec

This high profile project in The Shard was a complete office fit-out, designed to future-proof and meet the end client’s operational needs.

The company wanted to consolidate staff from three London office locations into a single location, reducing square footage whilst improving utilisation and building user satisfaction. There was an additional requirement to showcase the company’s strong innovation and technology capability.

The modern design featured Vtec’s MaxiBeam system and Supacoustic panels. These systems allow for excellent visual appeal and acoustic performance combined with being easy to install and flexible to incorporate the specific access requirements.


The MaxiBeams were 150mm (height) x 40mm (thickness) and finished in a high quality black, Class O FR lacquer.

Lightweight beams ensured minimal support work was required (MF top hats were used). Vtec supplied the beams with factory cut and spray finished angled ends to suit the exact site dimensions to eliminate any need for on-site cutting or finishing and ensure the very best quality finish. Some beams were installed with our Click Fix 1 system to make them removable and provide access to mechanical and electrical equipment for servicing.


The chosen Supacoustic perforation pattern was Dots 4 and the panels were finished with a Fire Resistant Oak Effect laminate. Black acoustic backing was added to the rear to increase the acoustic performance and help absorb unwanted echoes in the office. Vtec manufactured the panels to suit exact site dimensions, with some panels at bespoke sizes. This ensured all panels were manufactured and finished to the highest standard for best possible end results on site, with no need for on-site cutting. Certain panels were installed with CAM locks to enable access to mechanical and electrical equipment for servicing.


This project presented significant technical challenges due to the angled ceilings. Our technical team drew up detailed 3D drawing packages, working with our client to agree the best solution. We manufactured angled beams and bespoke acoustic panels to fit the exact specification, incorporating specific access and service requirements. We provided detailed installation guidance and support to the contractors on-site.


600 people moved into these London offices in the iconic Shard building supporting fully flexible working featuring a workspace with innovative design, strong acoustic performance, Connected Workspace integration and industry leading audio-visual capabilities. The project was delivered on time, to cost and to the highest standards, ensuring a smooth relocation and business continuity.


Product Used: MaxiBeam 150mm(h) x 40mm(t) finished in Black Class 0 FR lacquer and Supacoustic panels in Dot 4, Supalami Oak


  • MaxiBeam and Supacoustic systems combined in this design where high quality visuals and acoustic performance were priorities
  • Technical challenges with angled ceilings, angled beams and bespoke sizing
  • Access integration requirements and different install methods

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