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We offer a wide variety of wall and ceiling solutions; from decorative texture and biophilic finishes to beautiful slatted timber and high-performance acoustic panel systems.

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Here’s a quick summary of our product ranges by application to help you choose the right product for your project.

Wall Ceiling Screen Raft Baffle Panel Slatted Panel Beam Easy Access Acoustic FR Option
 Texture P
 3D P
 Cork P
 Metal P
 Arctic Moss P
 Supacoustic P
 SupaSlat SP
 MicroSlat SP
 MaxiBeam B
 EchoTone P


Here’s a bit more detail on each of our product ranges…


Vtec’s lightweight, decorative wall panels add fantastic visual impact to any project. Choose from:

  • Timber – 11 different designs for just the right look for your project
  • London Brick – a popular choice with 8 designs and colour options in the range
  • Stone – 15 designs with fantastic natural textures whether it’s a layered, rough or canyon design
  • Concrete – 4 designs to choose from for a natural, industrial look with no mixing or drying time

Produced from original walls with exact natural textures and features, Vtec Texture Panels contain in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals – in a durable system that is so light it can be used with almost any wall type.

The large panel sizes mean they are rapid-to-install, providing a stunning visual effect very quickly.


Made-to-measure 3D decorative wall panels are produced to your exact dimensions and provided in your choice of factory-applied finish to the face and edges. With the ability to use bespoke sizing, finishes and patterns, our 3D wall panels add visual impact to give the space its own identity.

We’ve worked hard to develop a new production method too (patent pending!) which means there is very minimal, if any at all, bowing of the panels, traditionally characteristic with this type of board. This means Vtec 3D panels will sit much flatter than other panels of this type in the industry.


We now spend a staggering 90% of our time indoors. So, why not enhance your interior with a rich mix of natural biophilic and versatile elements? Create truly diverse designs that breathe natural life into an interior.

  • Vtec’s Cork and Arctic Moss are both environmentally-friendly products that are responsibly harvested using sustainable practices. They are then preserved to retain their natural characteristics, including acoustic and biophilic properties.
  • Our Metal Tiles range includes 12 fantastic, highly decorative styles in a rich palette of unique finishes, which help you to create opulent atmospheres in a variety of moods.
  • Arctic Moss is available in tiles, islands and spheres in 16 different colours. Be as creative as you like!


Our proven systems provide adaptable and bespoke wall and ceiling options to suit your project and deliver strong visual impact alongside unrivalled acoustic performance:

  • Slatted timber ceilings and walls – premium, bespoke wood slatted panel system designed for efficient installation, choose SupaSlat
  • Slatted wood effect ceilings and walls – cost-effective slatted panel system designed for efficient installation, choose MicroSlat
  • Acoustic panels – where acoustic performance is key in a functional space, choose Supacoustic
  • Large format beams – lightweight feature beams for strong visual impact, choose MaxiBeam
  • Fabric acoustic panels – make a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your space, with EchoTone

We can incorporate access requirements, service integrations, bespoke geometric shapes and angled ends. We routinely collaborate on complex projects and will work closely with you to help solve design challenges that may arise, resulting in a top quality finish, smooth installation and excellent end results.

Discuss Your Options

To discuss a particular application or project, please email or call us on 03307 00 00 30.

Our knowledgeable team will gladly help you to:

  • Specify the right solutions that best suit your design and application
  • Submit the most effective tender applications by providing clear technical data
  • Understand any complex technical considerations within your design
  • Incorporate complex integration requirements
  • Achieve innovative solutions to design and installation challenges