Want more details on fitting our #TexturePanels?


6 Simple Steps:

Vtec Texture Panel Pictorial Panel Installation

  • Measure, Mark out and cut the panels as required
  • Pre-drill and fix panel to wall in mortar line between bricks
  • Roughly apply jointing compound to cover joints and fixing positions
  • Shape the jointing compound to suit as it begins to go firm
  • Introduce final texture to jointing compound with brush dipped in cleaner
  • Leave for 24 hours, sparingly apply colour solutions, rag off and blend with surrounding area

What about corners?

Cut to form a mitre, match pattern and fix panels back either side of corner, leaving approx. 5mm gap. Apply jointing compound and shape to suit.

Or finishing exposed edges?

If panel end is exposed, use jointing compound to fill panel edge and shape to create brick end.

Need to see a live demo? Click Here!