#DesignIdeas – Modular Concrete


Modular Concrete for Department Store

The Concept for a Design Project space at John Lewis required a concrete effect on the walls, however this needed to be a smooth surface to allow for a projected image to be seen on it.

Our Modular Concrete was ideal for this.

The panels were perfect for enhancing the ambience, encouraging dwell time and footfall, and consequently adding value to this space.

Here’s more photos:

Vtec's Modular Concrete Panels at John Lewis
Vtec's Modular Concrete Panels at John Lewis


Arcadia HQ

Arcadia Group Ltd. is a British multinational retailing company based in London. It was here that they used our Modular Concrete Panels to create impact in the reception area.

London Estate Agent

When this London Estate Agent wanted to add another dimension to their studio, they chose our Modular Concrete Panels. They were able to incorporate doors - can you spot them?

Concrete Wall Panels