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Introducing METAL

Vtec Metal tile range includes 16 stunning finishes.

Manufactured to a thickness of either 0.5 or 1 mm, the tiles are hand finished to obtain unique patina and colour variations, designed to create opulent atmospheres in a variety of moods.

The tiles are coated with durable polyurethane coating which gives them UV resistance and anticorrosion properties. They are available in Matt, Satin or Gloss finish and can be produced in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements.



  • Stunning Looks for Great Visual Impact
  • Facilitates the Creation of Unique Interiors
  • Easy and Quick to install – reduce costs, open sooner!
  • Available in a Variety of Finishes  – Matt, Satin, Gloss or Lacquer
  • Inherent Fire Resistance (Class A)





  • Food on the go

  • Hotels

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

  • Public Buildings

  • Retail

  • Wine & Dine

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Available Styles


These products are manufactured using natural materials and hand finishes; therefore, no two panels are identical


240 x 240 mm
260 x 490 mm
490 x 490 mm
490 x 1000 mm
190 x 1000 mm

Please contact us for other sizes

Copper 4.5 kg per m²
Brass 4.3 kg per m²
Zinc 4 kg per m²
Steel 8 kg per m²


Copper 0.5 mm
Brass 0.5 mm
Zinc 0.5 mm
Steel 1 mm



BAR IN COPPER 19840 (Visual)

Our new Metal range is so versatile and easy to install that you can use it to enhance appearance of almost any surface. Try applying it to parts of inbuilt or even freestanding furniture. Shown here and above – Bar in Copper 19840

BAR IN BRASS 19830 (Visual)

Metal is great combined with lights. Use selective lighting to highlight natural tones and hues of our Metal products. Shown here and above – Bar in Brass 19830

WALL IN ZINC 19832 (Visual)

Our Metal products are designed to generate maximum impact within limited time. Use them to create a point of interest. Shown here and above – Wall in Zinc 19832

WALL IN BRASS 19828 (Visual)

Design doesn’t need to be complicated. Try combining our metal tiles with simple, understated furnishings and lighting for an industrial chic look. Shown here and above – Wall in Brass 19828