Arctic Moss FAQs

Arctic Moss is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature inside! Read our Moss FAQs for details…


Arctic Moss can fully cover walls (their flexible qualities make it ideal for curved surfaces too) and they can be provided as tiles, islands or spheres, as below.

ARCTIC MOSS TILES: 40cm x 60cm (NB: Allow 38cm x 58cm cover dimensions)


  • S = 27 x 26 x 10 cm
  • M = 44 x 36 x 12 cm
  • L = 57 x 47 x 14 cm


  • XS = ∅ 23 cm
  • S = ∅ 33 cm
  • M = ∅ 37 cm
  • L = ∅ 60 cm

Approximate weights are as follows:

ARCTIC MOSS TILES = 1.2 kg each


  • S = 0.6 kg each
  • M = 1.4 kg each
  • L = 2.1 kg each


  • XS = 1.0 kg each
  • S = 2.2 kg each
  • M = 3.0 kg each
  • L = 7.6 kg each

Arctic moss tiles are approximately 5cm thick.

Arctic Moss products are available in 16 vibrant colours, offering great possibilities for creating different styles and atmospheres. Arctic Moss is a natural material and always has individual features. Therefore, colour variations are characteristic of the moss products so colours provide an indication only.

Yes – very! Arctic Moss is designed to be versatile, easy and quick to install.

Tiles are quick to install seamlessly, even on large walls, with a hook tape fastener, adhesive or screw fastening. Islands are supplied with an installation kit for wall installation, using hook tape fasteners. Spheres are designed to hang from the ceiling and can be suspended from one another. Spheres are supplied with materials needed for hanging. Please note that Arctic Moss should not be installed in direct sunlight.

Can be cut with scissors or a snap-off knife.

This real reindeer moss is preserved to make it maintenance free.

Arctic Moss is an effective flame-retardant material and retards the ignition of the underlay material used. Fire classification B s2 d0 – testing requirement DIN EN 13501-1:2010:01.

Yes, we are happy to send out samples for finish approval. Please give us a call to talk through your requirements so we can send you a bespoke sample pack.

Arctic Moss is meant only for indoor use and does not need any special maintenance. If the interior’s relative humidity (RH) is under 40%, moss dries and may break easily. Above 40%, it will start to soften and at higher levels will stay soft. (Industry advice is that appropriate RH levels for an office environment should be around 50%). Handle carefully wearing gloves.


If you have any unanswered questions about preserved moss walls after reading our Arctic Moss FAQs, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.



Please note that due to the natural elements (real forest floor and reindeer moss) used in creating Arctic Moss Tile, Islands and Spheres, they are subject to variation of colour and dimensions, which can vary between items and batches. Images provided are only indicative of the finished product. We reserve the right to alter specifications and details without notice.