Arctic Moss

Arctic Moss in May Green - Acoustic Wall Covering in an Office Breakout Area vtec

Naturally Beautiful

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Vtec Group’s ARCTIC MOSS is the perfect way to bring a touch of nature inside, without the hassle of a living wall.

This real reindeer moss is preserved to make it maintenance free and are produced in a format for rapid installation – available in ARCTIC MOSS Tiles, ARCTIC MOSS Islands or ARCTIC MOSS Spheres.

The fantastic range of colours and ease of installation make it the perfect system for enhancing the ambience and adding value to the interior and its performance.




  • Beautifully natural look and feel – real Reindeer moss
  • Natural Moss – enjoy a lovely touch of nature indoors
  • Maintenance free – preserved to eradicate hassle
  • Brilliant design flexibility – fantastic range of 16 colours
  • Quick and easy installation – comes with fixing system
  • Acoustic benefit – soaks up the sound
  • Three different styles – wall panels, spheres and islands


For product specification or installation guides Visit Downloads and Technical Guides page in our Help and Advice section


  • Hotels

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

  • Public Buildings

  • Retail

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Available Styles


Please note that due to the natural elements (real forest floor and reindeer moss) used in creating Arctic Moss Tile, Islands and Spheres, they are subject to variation of colour and dimensions, which can vary between items and batches. Please note that images of these products are only indicative of the finished product. We reserve the right to alter specifications and details without notice. ARCTIC MOSS is a natural material with amazing individual features. Our vibrant range of 16 colours shown below can have varying characteristics - please refer to our Arctic Moss brochure for full details of colour range. (NB: ARCTIC MOSS is not for use in direct sunlight).

ARCTIC MOSS TILES 40 x 60cm (NB: Allow 38x 58cm cover dimensions)
ARCTIC MOSS ISLANDS (LxWxThickness) S – 27 x26 x 10cm | M 44 x 36 x 12cm |  L – 57 x 47 x 14cm


XS – ∅ 23 cm | S – ∅ 33 cm | M – ∅  37 cm | L – ∅ 60 cm

ARCTIC MOSS ISLANDS  S – 0.6 kg each | M – 1.4 kg each L – 2.1 kg each


XS – 1.0 kg each | S – 2.2 kg each | M – 3.0 kg each | L – 7.6 kg each





A perfect match

An office boardroom has benefited from a quick and effective update, using Vtec products.

A combination of Cork and Moss is a natural, sustainable and quick way to add a touch of biophilia and improve acoustic performance.

Arctic Moss wall for a fun loving interior design company

Vtec Arctic Moss in May Green was used to elevate this showroom to another level, adding a touch of nature and improving aural comfort.

High flexibility of the Arctic Moss panels allowed the installers to wrap seamlessly around the frame for the TV screen.

Office with a Natural Appeal

Our Texture Wall Panels and Arctic Moss Tiles in May Green were used to enhance the workspace of this environmentally conscious, market leading company, aligning perfectly with strong company values.

A Stunning Office for an Interior Design Company

Vtec Cork in Raw Bark and Arctic Moss in Blue 02 and Marine 03 were used to create a s comfortable and visually stimulating office that has all the elements to encourage a thriving working environment with a healthy balance of work and play.

New office for a dynamic procurement consultancy

These newly refurbished office premises for a fast growing consulting group in London, have benefited from our Moss Tiles.

Our Moss Tiles helped to instantly transform this potentially underused space and brought much needed vibrancy and a sense of nature into a workplace.