A Brick Wall Installed Overnight?

Now with 6 designs to choose from, Vtec’s rapid-to-install London brick panels give fantastic creative scope. The large panels are very easy to install, and eliminate the need to point every single brick, which leads to reduced installation times and therefore cost.



Containing in excess of 50% natural pigments, oxides and minerals, they are produced in a lightweight but durable panel system, which gives you:


6 Beautiful Designs – Great Creative Scope for Visual Impact

Very Quick and Easy to Install – Less Site Downtime and Cost

Large Panel Size – No Pointing of every single brick

Flexible Panels – Great for Curves and Ceilings

Lightweight – No need for structural support work

Robust, Durable and High Quality – No Re-Decoration worries

Consistent Finish – Same Brand Standard across multiple locations


When designing interiors, the speed of completion is increasingly important as the quicker the project is completed, the sooner the client is gaining their return on investment. Not only are our London brick panels fantastically quick to install, but they also help create atmospheres that increases occupant enjoyment and maximise the interior’s performance.

Please click here to view the full range of London brick designs in more details.

Alternatively, you can visit our London Showroom where 2 of our London brick designs are on display.

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