Soft Panel



…but its acoustic performance, ease of installation and selection of colours means that clients are creating a noise about it!

Soft Poard is used for acoustic walls and acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceilings and acoustic ceiling panels, acoustic partitions and acoustic baffles.

Soft Panel™ is 25mm or 50mm thick and provides NRC values of 0.85 (25mm) and 1.0 (50mm) to absorb unwanted sound.

Made from 100% polyester fibres, it is heat-welded so it requires no chemical binders during its manufacture, and in addition it will not break down or release itchy fibres or fumes. It is a delight to handle and install. advantages of polyester


  • pin and Velcro friendly
  • 25mm is Fire Retardant B-s2,d0, considered equivalent to Class 0
  • 50mm is Fire Retardant C-s3,d0, considered equivalent to Class 1
  • unlike some sound absorbing materials it is non-itchy, non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • no special precautions required to handle
  • easily cut to fit on site
  • installed using adhesive – couldn’t be simpler
  • panels are 1200mm & 2400 mm
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.85 (25mm thick) and 1.0 (50mm)
  • thermally bonded –
  • no chemical binders or fire retardants (ie. formaldehyde & boron)
  • provides better indoor air quality – no voc’s.
  • won’t slump, sag or settle.
  • environmentally friendly
  • contains up to 90% already recycled fibre
  • made from 100% polyester fibre (no mixing fibre types = 100% recyclable)
  • no environmental issues at end of life (product can be re-used or recycled).


  • Education

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

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v-tec®’s comprehensive finishing solutions provide you with a fantastic spectrum of colours and effects. When used in conjunction with our exclusive v-design™ and rhythm™ ranges you get so much more than “just another wall covering.”