Bespoke Panels



During the design stage, clients will often wish for something that “little bit different” to make their project really stand out.

Some ask us to make minor changes to the design or scale, or maybe ask for a special finish. Others come to us with their concepts and ask us to produce exclusive designs in wonderful finishes.

Our in-house abilities enable you to customise the design, finish and sizing of our panels, and we will work with you to create the bespoke 3D panels you have visualised.


  • walls with discreet, integrated doors
  • bespoke designs for multiple floors of a 5* Hotel, with different panel sizes on each floor
  • curved panels to go around reception desks
  • cut-outs for screens, signage and entire logos
  • engraved messages and logos
  • entirely exclusive design for bar front


  • Food on the go

  • Hotels

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Offices

  • Retail

  • Wine & Dine

Get in touch

So which elements can I customise?

The below points give some idea of what can be achieved. However, if there is anything else that you are visualising for your project, please get in contact with us....


Whether you require a completely unique and different concept, or an adaption of one of our existing designs, please contact us to discuss your design ideas. We can also balance the design across the wall to enhance the look for you, and can produce flat infill pieces for perimeters if required.


Although our standard Foil, Spray and Soft finishes cover most requirements, there may be different finishes we can explore. Speak to us to discuss the finishing options available.

Sizing & Cut-Outs

If you have a Screen to incorporate into a wall, or irregular shaped walls to contend with, we can produce our panels in almost any size required. Speak to us if you have something you wish to incorporate into the wall with minimal effort.

Doors & Curves

Small details make a big difference to projects, such as incorporating discrete doors into a large wall, or applying a panel around a curved reception desk, so please get in contact with us if these are considerations.

Logos & Engraving

We incorporate cut outs for signage or engrave logos into the panels which makes sure the factory-applied finish remains intact. Please contact us to discuss how we can create your logos or message.



Is there a better way to highlight your corporate brand than to integrate it into your reception area walls? Precise cut-outs revealed the graduated colours of the backing wall to great effect, and the recessed effect added crisp impact to the logo.


What do you do if you need both corridor walls to share the same impact, yet one side incorporates doorways? The solution is simple with custom-sized panels produced to integrated doors without interrupting the bold features of the pattern, with all panels finished in metallic gloss black panels.


Curved applications are ideal for making an interesting feature. The design of the curved reception desk here called for a the beauty of Ripple 1, with the requirement that the graceful design must flow from panel to panel around the desk. Our bespoke sizing capabilities is perfect for this use of Ripple 1 in matt white factory finish.


The client asked for a specific type of finish for this high end office reception, so we produced Groove 2 in a beautiful hand-scraped ivory finish for them, with bespoke panel sizing to fit around doors and shelving areas.


This signature bar front was designed as a concept for a well known brand, and we produced the panels with fantastic 3D features that mirrored the Client’s iconic bottle shape.